August Foodie Reading

So Day 14 eats (today) have absolutely no pictures because I was busy at work.  Instead, I’ve decided  to share with you some awesome cooking inspiration I’m currently reading. I picked these up at the library because I’m not made of money… but if you are, I’ve linked to Amazon for your ordering convenience. ;)

Let’s start off with Lobel’s Meat Bible. This heavy hardback book is written by the owners of the famous butchery in NYC and has chapters on beef, veal, pork, lamb, poultry, rabbit, game meats, and organ meats.  I picked it up because I realized I didn’t know my cuts of beef well enough to have an intelligent conversation with the butcher. The book  has yummy recipes for each of these meat categories. It’s really increased my meat IQ.

The Korean Table just looks delicious. I seriously want to eat the pages of the book. It has lots of recipes for vegetable dishes, soups and hot pots, meats and seafood, and even desserts (the fig compote with cinnamon and ginger looks amazing). I’m going to be making some Kimchi soon— my first try at anything Korean! Wish me luck.

Tart and Sweet is a book about canning and pickling. I’ve been interested in learning how to can, especially how to make my own fruit preserves with no added sugar. Once apple season rolls around, I will be making some apple butter (my mouth is watering as I type this). Gorgeous photography again… it’s remarkable how books with attractive covers just suck you in.

Ani’s Raw Food Desserts is full of dessert recipes that are wheat, gluten, sugar, and dairy-free! Does this sound too good to be true? I haven’t tried any of her desserts, but they sound great. I can’t wait to make a treat or two and post them on the blog.

The last book isn’t a recipe book, but Julia Child’s memoir, My Life in France. She talks about the years she spent in France and at Cordon Bleu in a very charming manner. I loved the movie Julie and Julia and I’m really enjoying this book as well. I highly recommend it for an easy and inspirational look into the life of one of the most influential women in the culinary world. Yes, she does use loads of butter (dairy-free no-no), but we forgive her.

And that wraps up my books for August. Get your hands on some of them folks! (I highly recommend your local library)

G’night lovelies (not a gender-specific goodbye because men are lovely too).

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